Freddy Silva – Researcher and presenter on ancient cultures and sacred sites

For two decades he has been an international keynote speaker, with notable appearances at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in addition to appearances on Gaia TV, the History Channel, BBC. And radio shows such as Earth Ancients, Fade to Black and Coast to Coast.

A message from Freddy Silva

Dr. Gail Pearson – Educator, motivator & health advocate

I help people with their health. Being a bridge between traditional and natural medicine I understand the power of prevention and alternative ways to combat chronic diseases. Thus I specialise, in healing from within.

Matthew Greenwood – Shaman & Healer

Matthew has been involved with counseling, personal, psychic and spiritual development and Shamanic healing practices since 1990.Since 2001, where he spent an initial 5 months, Matthew has taken many journeys to live with the Lakota people on Rosebud Indian Reservation. During these visits he lived with and learnt from different Elders and people in the community.

He is actively involved in sharing his skills and knowledge through workshops, public speaking, personal mentoring and counselling. In his workshops and counselling, he teaches people how to be self-aware.

Swami Karma Karuna – Founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat

Swami Karma Karuna Saraswati is a captivating and intuitive yoga and meditation teacher, inspirational speaker, and writer. With over 30 years of experience in the field, she is a certified Yoga Therapist and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communications with a minor in Psychology.

Her expertise lies in stress and emotion management, Restorative Therapeutic Practices, Yoga Psychology, Women’s Health, Chakras, and Prana. Swami Karma Karuna is also a co-founder and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat in New Zealand.

Lisa Lister

Working in the psychic field most of her life, with the ability to tap into spirit since birth. She has helped 100’s of clients to unpack the effects of unresolved childhood wounds. She holds courses on spiritual transformation, workshops to uncover your authenticity; during her meditation courses, she shows you how to develop your connection to the Creator of all that that is.