I help people with their health. Being a bridge between traditional and natural medicine I understand the power of prevention and alternative ways to combat chronic diseases. Thus I specialise, in healing from within.


In my role as a specialist anesthetist doctor, I saw many people who were struggling with their health and yet had not found solutions. This led me to my current role, helping others to look at alternative solutions for their health and guide them with a natural approach.

I help my clients live their life to the full by naturally supporting their health from the inside out, getting their own body to do the work. With my background as a medically trained doctor [anesthetist] and my deep passion for natural health, I support my clients in harnessing the power of science based natural products, most specifically Nutrigenomics, feeding the genes.


Nutrigenomics is the science of how food affects a person’s genes and how their body responds. By unlocking this science, it’s possible to obtain and maintain optimal cellular health, counteracting modern day ills such as stress, poor sleep, lack of energy, brain fog and a reduced immune system, just to name a few common health conditions.I work with clients 1:1 building strong relationships as we deep dive to understand their personal health and how to support their body naturally.


I love seeing people live the lives they want to. It’s the most rewarding experience! When their chronic health issues improve or they have more energy to live a happier, fuller and more active life, it’s a magical moment helping someone to do the things they want to do, easily and naturally.

It’s a subject I’m very passionate about and I share my message as an educator, motivator, and a health advocate with a wider audience. I also assist other natural health practitioners from all walks of life, join the natural health movement by providing them with products that compliment their practice.